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ASHERLOGIC Ltd. has the right combination of equipment’s, spare parts and accessories in fire safety and prevention. With high range of sophisticated Electro-fire detection systems .Our systems arc flexible and intelligent electronic Fire panel that prevent fire outbreak in the property it secures. It is important to have homes secured with fire alarm systems against the disaster typical of fire.

Asherlogic Limited offers a range of fire engineering system products. We are affiliated to VIPOND SYSTEMS CANADA, the foremost Fire and Security Systems in North America. Through our other partnerships, including with HeNan LINKZONE FIRE TECHNOLOGY, we have become a one-stop-shop for all your fire fighting needs.

The fire alarm network is made up of similar configurations just like the burglary alarm system; but the sensors are specifically for fire. Below are some described features of the Fire Alarm network system.

Fire Station Equipments

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Product Description.

Brief description of some of our Products & Services .


This is the housing for the fire alarm system. It functions as the logic and control unit. Fire panel has different number of zones, which makes possible of zoning the different parts of the building. This feature makes it possible to easily identify arrears of distress whenever the system is activated.


Pressure mats are sensors used in securing entrances to apartments. When an intruder makes an attempt to illegally come in, a little pressure applied on the mat by his feet as he attempts an entry, automatically triggers off an alarm condition.


These detectors are high-resolution sensors, w'hich are capable of detecting the tiniest particles of smoke as a precursor to a major possible fire. Heat detectors on the other hand are very sensitive to heat, when these detectors are sensitized, signals are sent to the control panel, which automatically activates the whole system into an alarmed condition.

Fire Bell

This constitutes the alarm output. The fire bells are activated into a ringing status informing occupants of fire occurrence within the building.


Break glass is another feature of the fire alarm network; it functions as a manual call point. It is useful in alarming the whole network on the sight of smoke or fire by anybody present in the building. Break glass is mounted at strategic positions, which allows someone fleeing to raise an alarm.


This serves as the alarm output of the whole network; the siren is designed to deliver high tone outputs at very low current consumption. It produces greater than 90dB A depending on the size.


It is normally installed along with the siren to signal to the response force, like the Fire Service the location of the home or offices where distress emanates. The major advantage of this unit is that the response forces are given straight guide where to act and the strategy to apply in combating the fire. This is mounted outside on top of the building to serve as an indicator identifying the building under an alarm condition; so that it becomes easier for rescuing team to know the property under emergency.


It is an Automatic Signal to response forces in case of emergency police or fire service It is a wonderful piece of technology integrated with the system. It is capable of delivering recorded distress messages to concerned persons capable of rescuing the affected household. When an alarm condition is triggered, the Auto Dialer quickly dials all the telephone numbers recorded in its memory delivering the recorded messages calling for help, the programmable telephone numbers could belong to the police, relatives, neighbors or private security company; the auto dialer ensures that the recorded messages are delivered within 2 minutes to all numbers programmed in it's memory.

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