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Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Our Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Policy affirms our commitment to maintain a high standard of quality in the way we work, the services we deliver, our relationships with staff and stakeholders and ensure continuous improvement.
“Quality Assurance” is what ASHERLOGIC and its stakeholders enjoy if quality control has been effectively applied in the work of the organization. “Quality control” to us, is the operational techniques, procedures and objectives that are used to fulfill the requirements of quality.
The overall aim is to deliver the best service possible and to ensure continuous improvement. ASHERLOGIC’s policy is to maintain an effective and efficient quality assurance process planned in a series of policies (including external contracts, regulations and codes of practice) which are designed to eliminate deficiencies and inaccuracies and to ensure high quality standards.

The assurance of quality is fundamental for all work undertaken by ASHERLOGIC and should be implemented by all staff in their work. To that effect ASHERLOGIC shall:

ASHERLOGIC’s Chief Executive has overall responsibility for quality assurance and will be supported in this role by the technical team lead. It shall be the responsibility of Directorate to approve ASHERLOGIC’s quality assurance strategy and to ensure its implementation throughout. It shall be the responsibility of Directorate to undertake the lead role of a Quality Assurance Strategy Group in order to consider recommendations of the group and to develop and approve an appropriate quality assurance strategy to address key areas for improvement.

Directorate shall also have responsibility for monitoring implementation and outcomes of the strategy. The Strategy group will be composed of Directorate members, representatives of the technical unit and HSE; forming the consensus group. It shall be the duty of the Quality Assurance Consensus Group to meet at agreed times to undertake a self-assessment of ASHERLOGIC’s processes using the using working excellence model with the aim of reviewing and determining key areas for improvement.

The technical team lead will be responsible for co-ordinating the work of the Consensus group. ASHERLOGIC’s management including directors and unit managers (when that is fully functional) shall be responsible for producing statements affirming commitment to Quality Assurance and the delivery of continuous improvement to their work and practices. All line Managers will work closely with their staff to develop effective quality control procedures in order to achieve quality assurance.

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